A 50 (and surroundings): the business trick

Antonella Locatelli, from Milan, founder and Ad from Luxury Muses.com. Expert in surgery and regenerative medicine and jewelery products, she participated in the event: at Dior make-up school: makeup at 20, 50 and over 70.

Marble, a stone, a thousand energies

It is considered one of the most ancient and beautiful stones (in fact its name in Greek - marmaros - means shiny stone) and has always enchanted all peoples since ancient times for its shiny appearance and its solidity. Surprising for the colors, which change according to the materials present in the rock: if there is more iron it will be more gray, if the whitest sand predominates, or more rosy if there is clay ...

March's gardens

What is the smell of your childhood? Grandma's apple pie, the smell of freshly baked bread or the smell of freshly ironed linen? Also on the first day of spring, you could find it in the olfactory journey organized in Milan by Accademia del Profumo which, for the first time, on the occasion of Perfume Day ...